Terms & Conditions:

In these terms and conditions the terms shall have following meaning unless indicated otherwise:

Origin Shares Traders.,

Registered Office:

Corporate Office:

Tel: 9063362889

Email: info@originshares.com

In case of any grievances please write to info@originshares.com

Registration Numbers:

  1. The provisions of this agreement and all transactions that are carried out by and on behalf of the CLIENT, shall always be subject to Government notifications, any rules, regulations, guidelines and circulars issued by CLIENT SSEBI and Rules.
  1. originshares.com (here in referred to as Origin Shares) is the domain owned by Origin Shares., Registration No:
  1. Information herein is at one’s own risk. The proprietor is not liable for any losses incurred or investments made. 
  1. Investments in equity and equity related securities involve high risks and the clients should not place funds to investment unless they can afford.
  1. * On Saturday and Sunday there will be no transactions and payouts will be not there.
  2. According to the rules and regulations of the company the Terms and Conditions will be changed without Prior notice.
  3. * The Client Id Will be generated with in 48 hours of Client Registration.
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